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The restaurant consists of two halls.

The hall "Lithos" and the hall "Mesogeios"

Hall "Lithos"

In the area where you are today, a little tavern operated from the middle of the last century until 1982. Based on the architectural values ​​of the preserved, respecting the tradition and adding modern building materials, such as metal, Lithos was created. A space dominated by wood, stone and metal. Being one of the first taverns in the area of ​​Psyrri, Lithos continues to offer high quality Greek cuisine.

Hall "Mesogeios"

The invaluable mansion you are in today was buThe invaluable mansion you are in today was built in 1870 by the Mela family.It was renovated in 1999 with a lot of passion and effort to house "MESOGEIOS". From then until today our goal is quality & hospitality.

20 years...
And we go on!

Our halls are also offered for corporate meals and events.

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Beef Tagliata (325 grams)30,00€

Μοσχάτο - Πιεμόντε

Lamb shank 18,00€

Slow cooked with beer & honey. Served with roasted baby potatoes

Pork Steak Tomahawk16,90€

Filled with Metsovone cheese and sun-dried tomatoes pesto. Served with our hand cut fried potatoes & thick salt

Chicken Fillet 13,50€

Served with grilled vegetables

Kontosouvli Pork 12,90€

Served with French fries & traditional pita

Kontosouvli Chicken 12,90€

Served with French fries & traditional pita

Prosciutto Risotto 13,00€

With a mushroom variety, truffle paste & aged parmesan

Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli12,50€

In a light sauce from sun-dried tomato pesto

Quinoa Burger12,00€

With Portobello mushrooms, fried tomatoes & avocado

Mousaka 11,00€

Traditional dish with potatoes, eggplant, veal minced meat & light béchamel

Aegean Salad14,20€

With popcorn shrimp, scallops, sea urchin, crab, avocado, palm pickle, & lime-ginger vinaigrette

Salad “Lithos”11,40€

Our house salad with mixed leaves, figs, Santorini cherry tomatoes, Tortilla croutons, prosciutto & balsamic vinaigrette

Spanakopita (Spinach Pie) Salad9,40€

With traditional Greek filo, herbs, feta & dill vinaigrette

Greek Salad8,50€

With tomatoes on rye rusk, capers, olives, peppers, onions, kritamo & feta


With sliced tomatoes on rye rusk, olives from Kalamata, fresh oregano, & xinomizithra cheese from Crete

Tzatziki 5.00€
Smoked Eggplant Salad 5.00€
Spicy feta spread5.00€
Homemade loaf of bread1,00€

With an assortment of dips

Shrimp Burger13,00€

With sour-sweet sauce, pineapple, avocado& fennel pickle

Steamed Mussels10,00€

With mustard cream & tarragon

Little Kebabs8,50€

With black cherry tomatoes, corn pitas & yogurt cream

Fried Squid9,50€

With ground beef, flavored with mint in tomato Sauce

Mastello Cheese from Chios7,80€

Roasted with fig jam & vegetable sprouts

Tiropita (Feta Pie) from Skopelos8,20€

With spicy tomato marmalade

Zucchini Croquettes7,50€

With capers chutney & yogurt cream

Open Bao Bun6,00€

Fluffy steamed bun with lemon mayonnaise, mushroom variety & vegetable sprouts

Hand cut fried potatoes 5,00€

With fresh oregano & salt

Lobster for two 90,00€

Caribbean lobster (≈1100gr) served with linguine pasta & bisque sauce

Seafood Orzo17,20€

With shrimp, mussels, squid, scallops & selective fresh tomatoes

Scottish Salmon16,80€

Flavored with sweet soy, mashed parsnips,& green apple

Seabass Fillet16,50€

With baby gems, truffle mayonnaise, coriander vinaigrette & black rice

Salmon Roll14,90€

With sea urchin, soy & ginger pickles in maki style

Swordfish*Souvli 14,00€

Served with potato chips & avocado sauce



With vanilla ice cream, choco chips & dolce de leuche


With crispy puff pastry & pastry cream


With walnuts and honey syrup. Served with kaimaki ice cream


With aromatic savoy and mascarpone cream

Psyrri - Lithos

Aisopou 17

Psyrri - Mesogeios

Aisopou 11